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These are some of the most frequently asked questions from users: Fastpitch Elite.

How Do I Post My Profile?

Posting a profile with Fastpitch Elite is fairly easy and straight forward. There a few things that must be considered when posting, however.

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  • You must have an active registered account and be logged in.
  • Select the blue button labeled "Post Your Profile"
  • Choose State, Offense or Defense (Graduating Class), Position
  • Fill Out Required fields. Please Note: You must fill out required fields or you will NOT be able to submit post. An Error Message will appear
  • Upload Photos, Video
  • Pay Posting Fee(s) through secured payment gateway
  • Allow Fastpitch Elite Staff to approve Posting (usually between 1-3hrs depending on varying factors)

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How Do I Add Youtube Video To My Post?

Adding Video to your profile can only be done one way at the current time. We only allow Youtube Video Currently. It is a trusted site free from viruses and bugs. To upload video please look for the "share" button via your Youtube Channel. Click on the "share" button and it will take you the "embed" code. Copy "embed" code and place into Your Profile Posting on FastPitch Elite. The embed code goes into the area "Paste Your Youtube Embed Code:"

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How Can I Feature My Post?

To feature your post on our site can be achieved by purchasing the feature option for an additional $10.00 (USD). The feature option is limited to our approval for quality and appropriate content. We scrutinize by quality of video and limited by availability.

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How Do I HyperLink My Website Into My Post?

Hyperlinking allows  users to link viewers to another site away from Fastpitch Elite. You can achieve this in the "Content" area of your post ONLY. Simply write information into the content area and select the words you wish to hyperlink the click the globe button above the content field. Then write the http://( This will link to your desired location.

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How Do I Gain Exposure On This Site?

At Fastpitch Elite we pride ourselves on being at the top of our game when it comes to exposure. We currently have a very strong following from just about every Division 1, Division 2 and NAIA schools. We push all of our users through all of our social media channels, rss feeds as well as feature "The Diamond Report" talent through our weekly newsletter. Our Newsletter covers talent from around the country that we deem qualified to play at the next level. Simply put, college coaches depend on services like us to make their job easier. 

Gaining exposure with Fastpitch Elite is much easier than other services currently on the market. We make finding you very easy! College Coaches have the ability to search by state, position, and graduating class. This makes the search process so much more affective from the standpoint of a recruiter. We also only cover football which gives a niche' in the recruiting world!

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